Save money and save the planet. Make money by lending.

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Rent anything, anytime.
Rent sustainably.
Rent local.

You'll rent from real people, not a warehouse. Rent items on your schedule, not just 9–5.

By using Rentr to rent and lend items you are greatly decreasing your carbon footprint which helps our earth!

Find the right item for you from people in your city. With our flexible pickup methods you decide how you get your item and when.

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Five star rating!
Triple your Budget
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"Skiing, snowboarding, hiking, and canoeing in the same weekend for less than 200 bucks. I could never afford that on my own. We had so much money left over we went back next weekend."

Five star rating!
Save the Planet
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"Every day I'm blown away by how beautiful the Earth is. Sharing instead of buying new helps me keep it that way."

Five star rating!
Try EVERYTHING. Then, try everything again.
Picture of many cameras.

"I write a blog for photographers. Rentr saves me thousands each year. Enough said."

Five star rating!
Collect income, not dust
Picture of a man on a canoe, taken using a drone.

"My hiking gear sat unused in a storage unit for years. Now it's making me a couple hundred every month. I use the money to rent a snowboard in the winter and a canoe in the summer. I took this pic using a drone I got on Rentr, too."

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