The Rentr Guarantee

The Lender Guarantee

        Although we are a young company here at Rentr, we are trying our best to maintain a safe and secure community for our lenders. If for some reason, an item of yours is lost, stolen or damaged in the process of being rented, we will reimburse you up to 100% of the fair market value of the item(s) you lend. The guarantee we offer covers up to 1000$ for every item that you may lend on Rentr.

To make a claim please email

Need more information? Check out the guarantee FAQs


              We are still working on what is covered in our Guarantee and damage is considered a broad term so here are some things not covered by our Guarantee:

            We value your satisfaction as lenders and it is our priority to address any problems you may face while lending out your items. If in any case you have your own commercial insurance, you must exhaust such claim first. If your commercial insurance will not cover it, then you can make a claim through our Rentr Guarantee. To make a claim please email

            To make a claim for our Rentr Guarantee, you must provide proof of ownership or purchase of the item you lent out. It is to be noted however that It is part of our own discretion as a company to evaluate the alleged damage or loss done to your items. Each case may require us to take a look to further see if there is indeed damage done to your items. We do not guarantee late fees. However, if a borrower returns your items late and refuses to pay for it, we will try our best to recover the fees on your behalf.

To be eligible for a guarantee, you must prove the following statements by answering truthfully:

What to do before and after the rental

 To ensure a smoother evaluation of your claim for a guarantee, here are a few things you should do before and after a rental takes place:

We care, and are doing everything we can to improve.

You can read the lender Item Guarantee in full here.

More questions?

Take a look at our FAQ for guarantee-related questions

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